How Approachable Are You?
For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes you. Please answer them as you actually are (rather than how you think you should be), and don't worry if some seem to score in the wrong direction.
When you are finished, click the "Calculate My Score" button at the bottom.

Statements to Answer: Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
1. The negative feedback I give outweighs my positive feedback.
2. I step away from the desk and front classroom and walk around to speak to my students.
3. I smile at parents, whatever the reason they have to approach me.
4. When a student pitches an idea during a lesson, I do not provide feedback.
5. I make time available to speak with my students.
6. I clearly schedule time when I am available to consult with students.
7. I let negative emotions show when I receive bad news.
8. If I am talking to a student or parent and the phone rings, I halt the conversation to take the call.
9. I do not make eye contact when talking to people.
10. I talk to each student the same, whether they are thick skinned or sensitive.
11. I talk with my arms folded.
12. I do not complain.
Score    Comment
12-27 You need to work on your approachability. Your attitude and demeanor are cutting off the flow of information you receive from people around you. This might mean that problems are swept under the carpet, or great ideas aren't being allowed to flourish. You may have to make some fundamental changes to how you manage, but don't worry: there are plenty of simple ways to get started and boost your approachability.
28-44 You are in a great position to improve. You can be approachable, so problems may come to you before they get serious. However, people around you may also put off telling you when something's up, because they're worried about your reaction. Take a closer look at your results and focus most on where your score is low. You may find that a simple change to the way you manage will make a huge difference.
45-60 Well done! You are approachable, which means people around you feel relatively little fear in coming to you when they have a problem or an idea. This is because your reaction to bad news is measured and calm, and you treat ideas with relish and positivity. As a result, crises develop far less often than they would do under a more unapproachable teacher, and your class benefits from your welcoming attitude. However, there is always room for improvement!

This quiz is based on four attributes that make up approachability: looking available, using the right body language, having good verbal communication and listening skills. By improving in these areas, you'll become more approachable.