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Technical Requirements

We have designed our courses so that they are easy to navigate, even for people with limited experience in using computers and the internet, and basic equipment. To access all of the content in Educate Together online courses you will need:

· Broadband Connection to the internet

· An up-to-date internet browser (Firefox works best with Moodle, but Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari should also be fine)

· Adobe Reader

· Adobe Flash Player (Version 9 or later)

· Windows Media Player / Quicktime / VLC player for viewing video content

· Access to YouTube and other internet sites

· Speakers (Either Built-in to your PC/MAC or external ones that have been plugged in) *To test if you have built-in speakers, play a piece of music on your computer. If you have no music on your computer already, try this website and click play in the left hand column. If this doesn’t work within a minute then you probably don’t have inbuilt speakers and will need to get some. (NB: Double check that your volume is turned up!)

· Headphones (these are optional to improve the clarity of the audio items)

· Microsoft Word (or other similar program, eg: Open Office)

If you don’t have any of the above, please see the list of solutions below.

Microsoft Word

Download Open Office (free) http://download/

Adobe Reader

Download (free)

Adobe Flash Player

Download (free)

Broadband Connection

Contact Internet / Phone Line Provider

Internet Browser

Download Firefox (free)

Speakers / headphones

These can be bought at most electrical / music stores. Make sure you check which kind will plug into your computer.

Access to internet sites

Pop-up windows may be blocked on your web browser. This can be changed in the settings of your browser. If you are unsure how to do this, go to Help in the menu of your browser. Click this and type in blocked pop-up windows and follow the instructions on how to unblock them.

Some schools block access to YouTube and some other sites. Schools that use the NCTE broadband service need to select Levels 4, 5 or 6 of content filtering to have access to YouTube.

Media Players

Download VLC Player (free)

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