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To register on the site click on 'register on the site HERE' on the home page. You will be taken to the registration page, where you must enter information in the fields marked in red.
User Name*: Enter a user name. You could use your first and last name, for example.
Password*: Create a password. This must have:

  • Minimum of 8 characters
  • At least 1 digit (0-9)
  • At least 1 lower case letter
  • At least 1 UPPER CASE LETTER
  • At least 1 non-alphanumeric character (!,?,*,#,£,€,<,>,^,&,$, etc.)
  • Example: Leitrim2012!
  • (*NB: It may be helpful to memorise or record this password somewhere as you will need it every time you log in.)

Email address*: You enter this twice
First Name*: Enter your first name
Surname*: Enter your last name
City/Town*: Enter the city / town you live in
Country*: Select the country you live in from the list.
School / Organisation*: Enter the name of your school or organisation. If you do not want to be associated with a particular school or organisation, type n/a.
• Site Policy Agreement: please follow the link and read this information about how we will manage the information you give us, and our policy for the site. Then tick the box to indicate that you agree to this policy.

This is all the information you need to enter at this point, although you can choose to enter more information, or upload a photo, for example. If you sign up for a particular course, you might be asked for more information – for Board of Management courses we will need your school’s Roll number, for example, and primary school teachers enrolling in summer courses who wish to claim EPV days need to enter their Teaching Council number. If you do not have a Teaching Council number, please enter N/A. 

After you have registered on the site, you can log in at any time by going to from any computer and entering your username and password in the box on the right hand side of the screen, near the top.