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Edit Profile

You can view your User Profile page at any time by clicking on your name at the very top of the screen, on the right. From here you can view your courses and when you first/last logged in.
  • Clicking on Profile allows you to view your profile how others see it when they click on your name on their home page.
  • You can change your password or write messages from here.
  • Edit Profile allows you to customize your profile and keep your information up-to-date. In this section you can:

o Change/Edit your name, email address, city and/or country

o Decide whether you wish other users to see your email address or not

o Change your preferred language

o Add/Edit/Change your description, picture and/or list of interests

o Change your information

Edit Profile also gives you the option to change advanced settings by clicking one or both of the Show Advanced buttons. If you know what you are doing for any of the otherof these advanced settings you can customize away, if not, these are already pre-set to allow for optimum usage and do not need to be adjusted if you don’t feel comfortable altering them.

  • Educate Together courses don't currently require you to use the Blog tab, but this allows you to create blogs and view your blogs or blogs you are currently following.

At any time, clicking on the word educatetogether in the top left hand corner of the screen will take you to your home page.

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