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New Resouces

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New Resouces
by Fionnuala Ward - Monday, 3 October 2011, 6:06 PM
The following has been added to the Resource Bank:
  • Books for Class / School Libraries
  • Oi Get Off Our Train (Books related to Ethics and the Environment strand)
  • Prince Cinders (Books related to Equality and Justice strand)
  • A number of books related to Australia and Aboriginal Culture
  • Resources for Moral and Spiritual strand
  • The Huge Bag of Worries
  • Can Anyone Be as Gloomy as Me (Poems about being sad)
  • I Want to Shout and Stamp About (Poems about being angry)
  • Everyone I See is Luckier Than Me (Poems about being jealous)
  • How do I Feel About...(series of books)
  • Being Jealous / When People Die / Being Angry / Our New Baby / Making Friends / My Parents Divorce / Dealing with Racism