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Resource Bank Up-dated

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Resource Bank Up-dated
by Fionnuala Ward - Tuesday, 16 August 2011, 5:02 PM
The Resource Bank has been updated over the summer, with each section sub-divided into headings. New material has been added.

Resources for Equality and Justice strand
  • Young and Old: Lessons plans on ageism for all age groups.
  • No Place Like Home: Resources on homelessness for 6th class, produced by Focus Ireland
Resources for Moral and Spiritual strand (3rd - 6th)
  • Mind Your Head: Lesson plans on Mental Health, developed for Second- Level but parts of these lessons may be applicable for 6th.
Resources for Class / School Libraries
  • Sit-in: How 4 Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down (Equality and Justice: 3rd - 6th)
  • I lost my tooth in Africa (Equality and Justice: JI - 2nd)
  • One Hen (Ethics and the Environment: 3rd - 6th)
  • One Well (Ethics and the Environment: 3rd - 6th)
  • Tree of Life (Ethics and the Environment:3rd - 6th)