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New innovative resources for a number of strands

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New innovative resources for a number of strands
by Fionnuala Ward - Thursday, 14 April 2011, 8:07 PM
The Little Flower Bulb: A beautifully-told, poignant story aimed towards helping children bereaved by suicide (for ages 3 - 8). This book is also suitable for class / school libraries at teacher's discretion.

Collette Neville, a teacher working in the Educate Together sector, has written a series of resources aimed at specific class groupings.
  • Let's Learn About Grandparents (Junior / Senior Infants): See under Moral and Spiritual
  • Let's Learn About Native Americans (3rd / 4th Class): See under Equality and Justice
  • Let's Learn About Energy (5th / 6th Class): See under Ethics and the Environment