Topic outline

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Ethical Education

    This module provides:           

    • An overview of the full LITTLE Course
    • Guidance on creating the Ethical Education Classroom
    • A definition of Ethical Education
    • Links to the remaining modules upon completion

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  • Module 2 - Critical & Creative Thinking

    This module will:

    • Explore methodologies that support critical thinking
    • Look at how to use Socratic Dialogue in the classroom

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  • Module 3 - Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Dilemmas

    This module provides:           

    • An overview of decision making when faced with ethical dilemmas
    • A look at ethical dilemmas in a theoretical sense
    • An introduction to strategies and scenarios that encourage critical thinking
    • Methodologies that can be used in the classroom

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  • Module 4 - Holistic & Biographical Learning

    This module will:    

    • Look at the key characteristics of holistic and biographical learning
    • Look at educational tools, materials and methodological tools to use these approaches in the classroom
    • Instruct how to use a Gestalt approach to teaching Ethical Education
    • Help you to construct your own lesson materials and plans using holistic and biographical learning

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  • Module 5 - Managing Conflict & Facilitating Dialogue on Controversial Issues

    This module will:          

    • Develop your skills and confidence in discussing potentially contentious or controversial issues with students in class
    • Facilitate safe and respectful discussions of controversial issues with students in your classroom
    • Prepare you to use a range of teaching methodologies and strategies to help facilitate respectful discussion and debate
    • Enable you to apply a number of strategies to help develop students’ listening and communication skills
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  • Module 6 - The Ethics of Care

    This module will:

    • Inform you about how the ethics of care applies to education
    • Prepare you to understand the essence of teaching as an ethical enterprise
    • Enable you to enact an ethics of care in your teaching using relational postures

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  • Certificate of Completion

    Congratulations! You have completed all modules in the Methodologies for Ethical Education Course. We hope that you will continue to use these methods in your teaching. 

    You may now download your certificate of completion - well done!