Weekly outline

  • General

    Welcome to the online task element of the recruitment process for the position of Principal, North Wicklow Educate Together Secondary School.

    This exercise emulates a typical 'in-tray' for a principal. It assumes you have one hour in a school day to address some items in your in-tray. It is not expected that you would complete each item fully, though you might choose one or two tasks to complete.

    There are five tasks in total: the first three relate to letters received; and last two relate to a staff meeting and timetabling. In each case, please outline how you would deal with the item in your in-tray. You might choose to provide a full response, if you feel you would do so in reality.

    The tasks are designed to give the Selection Board an insight into your thought process in dealing with issues often presented to a principal, rather than dealing with any one issue in full.


    This session is being timed. You must log out of this session in one hour.

    The three documents below are the basis for the first three questions. We suggest that you download these three documents before answering the questions in the next section. Once downloaded, the documents can also be printed.

    The tasks will be available until Monday, 16th November 2015. It will be closed at midnight, and will no longer be accessible after that time.

    • 9 November - 15 November

      To start the tasks, please click on 'In-tray Task" below. To return to this page at any time, please click on NorthWicklowTask on the navigation bar above.


      Please remember that you have one hour to complete all these tasks.