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Introduction Page What is the LITTLE Online Course?

The LITTLE Online course for teachers in methodologies related to Ethical Education is designed to build the capacity of teachers in active teaching and learning methodologies. The course is framed under Ethical Education and will be relevant to teachers of this subject and related subjects. The course is available in Croatian, Slovenian, Italian & English. Access to the course is free; but users are required to complete module 1 before they gain access to the remaining modules. 

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

Module 1 - Introduction to Ethical Education File Module 1 - Introduction to Ethical Education_English
File Modul 1 - Uvod u etičko obrazovanje i objašnjenje ostatka tečaja _Croatian
File Modulo 1 - Che cos’è l’educazione all’etica e struttura dell’intero corso_Italian
File Modul 1 - Uvod v etično vzgojo in predstavitev preostalega tečaja_Slovenian
Module 2 - Critical & Creative Thinking File Module 2 - Critical and Creative Thinking_English
File Modul 2 - Kritičko i kreativno mišljenje Croatian
File Modulo 2 - Il ragionamento critico e creativo_Italian
File Modul 2 - Kritično in ustvarjalno mišljenje_Slovenian
Module 3 - Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Dilemmas File Module 3 - Ethical Decision Making and Ethical Dilemmas_English
File Modul 3 - Etičke dileme i proces odlučivanja_Croatian
File Modulo 3 - Le decisioni e i dilemmi etici_Italian
File Modul 3 - Etično odločanje in dileme_Slovenian
Module 4 - Holistic & Biographical Learning File Module 4 - Holistic and Biographical Learning_English
File Modul 4: Holističko & biografijsko učenje_Croatian
File Modulo 4: Apprendimento olistico e apprendimento esperienziale_Italian
File Modul 4: Holistično in biografsko učenje_Slovenian
Module 5 - Managing Conflict & Facilitating Dialogue on Controversial Issues File Module 5 - Managing Conflict and Facilitating Dialogue on Controversial Issues
File Modul 5: Upravljanje sukobom i vođenje dijaloga u kontroverznim temama_Croatian
File Modulo 5: Gestire i conflitti e facilitare il dialogo su argomenti controversi_Italian
File Modul 5: Razreševanje konfliktov in usmerjanje dialoga o težkih in spornih temah_Slovenian
Module 6 - The Ethics of Care File Module 6: The Ethics of Care_English
File Modul 6: Etika brige_Croatian
File Modulo 6: L’etica della cura a scuola_Italian
File Modul 6: Etika skrbi_Slovenian