Culturally and Socially Responsive Practice in Education

The goal of this module is to explore the key concepts of culturally and socially responsive practice in a manner that facilitates our  community of schools to enact practices that recognise, invite, and celebrate our learners unique perspective in every school and learning context.

This module is divided into three main sections (Bias, Culture and In Practice) with an overriding goal for each element. These elements and their goals are interconnected and aim to build a community that is culturally aware and proactive. Rather than quizzes there will be a reflective piece for learners to complete before moving onto the next section.

Each section will also have a ‘Teachers Questions’ section in a panel discussion format where Educate Together staff will discuss and share their own practice.

Restorative Practice in Educate Together Schools

An introduction to Restorative Practice for Educate Together Schools; including the philosophy, motivation and skills behind the restorative practice approach. This module was developed especially for Educate Together schools by Michelle Stowe of Connect RP

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